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    Detailed Explanation of Modern Electronic Communication

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    Outline major developments in telecommunications technologies and describe their effect on the industry.

    Identify the electronic components of a communication system.

    What is the rationale for "Structured Wiring"?

    What are the differences and similarities between a loop start system and a ground start system?

    What is the role of satellite communications in the wireless world?

    What are the functions of each layer of the OSI model?

    What is the process for transmitting a message over a packet-switching network?

    What are the updates from IPv4 to IPv6?

    What are the duties of a network manager?

    What are the implications of regulation on electronic documents?

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    1. Texting, Smartphones-because of this fewer phone calls, especially from land lines.

    2. They are speed, performance, security, accessibility

    3. Structured wiring allows for all electronic communication from a house or business to be bundled; phone, cable, internet, alarm systems etc...

    4. They are both similar in that they work for their essential ...

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