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    RFID AutoIdentification

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    Please read "The Insight on Technology Case, RFID AutoIdentification" on page 781 (attached) and describe how RFID will impact interfirm trade and B2B Commerce.

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    The article entitled "The Insight on Technology Case, RFID AutoIdentification" focuses on the benefits of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to the business in general and the Business to Business (B2B) transactions.

    RFID is one of the features introduced in the movie "Cast Away" in 2000 by Tom Hanks. As a FedEx executive Chuck Noland (played by Hanks) sent a package from Russia to the United States testing the efficiency of the company's supply chain. He was able to monitor the movement of the package because a radio frequency device and geographical positioning system is installed in it. The time it takes and its movement from Russia to the US was measured effectively.

    You can quote, as mentioned in the article, that "RFID involves the use of tags attached to products or product containers that transmit a radio signal in the 850 megahertz to 2.5 gigahertz range that continuously identifies themselves to radio receivers in warehouses, factories, retail floors, or on board ships. RFID labels are really tiny computer chips and a battery that are used to transmit each product's electronic product code to receivers nearby."

    Although the negative impact attributed to RFID is that it is costly to suppliers by this can remedied by inter-firm or importing firm through subsidy.

    As mentioned in the article, the impact of RFID ...

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    RFID Auto-Identification improves supply chain Logistics and warehousing specifically B2B commerce and trade.