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    E-Business Strategy Formulation

    What is the difference between mobile e-commerce and wired e-commerce? What are the steps involved in the e-business strategy formulation? What strategic issues must a company address when adding clicks to bricks?

    Dot-Com Meltdown

    What is one of the ways that the dot-com meltdown in the United States during the early 2000s influenced the growth of e-business in this country?

    e-Business Innovations

    What were some of the e-business innovations using web technologies that were introduced by Amazon.com, Netflix.com, Dell.com, and Landsend.com?

    E-Business PowerPoint.

    I need help developing an E-Business Plan for the United States Postal Service which includes the executive summary, conclusions, and recommendations as the 6th part of my attached. Although the executive summary is written already in my attached paper, it must be placed first in this E-Business Plan. I also need help devel

    E-Business Plan for the U.S.P.S

    I need help developing the following sections of an E-Business Plan: National and International Considerations - Analyze the national and international considerations that could affect the organization's business. - Define any cultural conflicts and analyze intervention strategies that you could use to deal with confli

    Identify the problems identified in the case

    1. Identify the problems identified in the case. Evaluate the options of possible solutions presented by the authors. 2 Has Home Connection's use of the Web bug violated the privacy of those who agreed to display the ad on their personal computers? Has the privacy of those who visit the site and click on the ad been violated?

    Security Breach at TJX

    1) In your opinion, what decision options does TJX have in the case situation? 2) What criteria is important to making this decision? 3) What implications and consequences do each of the options present? 4) What data, facts or experience can you use to support your suggested options and implications? 5) List 5 of the most im

    The value chain of an e-commerce venture

    Could you please help me with this question?: Analyze the value chain of an e-commerce venture with which you are familiar. How has the Internet affected the primary and support activities of the value chain?

    Key reasons that organisations may need to hold inventories

    "Identify key reasons that organisations may need to hold inventories. What factors may lead an organisation to change the level of inventories that it holds? How could such a decision affect the other elements of working capital?" Provide a good example from a real company with regards to this subject.

    Amazon.com and Border.com

    History business approach, management, and marketing of Amazon.com and Borders books. Describes the history and core business of each compare Compare and contrast the management approach each took to internet marketing and sales. Analyze (3) reasons for Amazon's success despite not turning a profit for the first 5-6yrs.

    online learning

    There are many benefits to attending class online from your personal computer. Describe your experience with computers or technology in general. What is your backup plan if you are unable to access the OLS or post your assignments because of a problem with your computer or the Internet? Who might you contact to find solutions to

    Using Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint

    Please help with the following posting. Interview someone who works in business or research on the Internet about the use of Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in their business. Share the type of business and your findings with the class. Can you think of anything else they could be using these programs for?

    Threats and Vulnerabilities in E-Commerce

    1-All e-commerce sites share common security threats and vulnerabilities. Discuss these threats and vulnerabilities and some of the security policies that can be implemented to mitigate them. Do you think that B2C Web sites face different threats and vulnerabilities than B2B sites? Explain. 2-Elaborate on the security des

    International e-commerce and the intranet

    How do companies like eBay, Amazon, and Expedia manage exchange rates in e-commerce? How can an intranet be modeled to be globally integrated but locally responsive? Any real world examples?

    E-commerce- The web's potential advantage for business

    1. If you were asked to sell a first-time business on the Web's potential advantage for that business, what would you need to know first? What would you say? 2. Do you think free Web services will last? Discuss in detail. 3. In your own words, what would you say are the two most important measures of a Web site's performance?

    Marketing Planning- Using a real or hypothetical product or service

    1. Use a real or hypothetical product or service. List 5 items in the external environment which may be a threat to your product's success and tell how two of these threats could be turned in to opportunities. 2. a. What are two important reasons for a marketing plan? b. Why is the Mission Statement the first item in such

    E-Commerce: marketing, careers and business plans

    I need some help with the questions below: 1-From a marketing view, what Web design mistakes do first-time e-firms make? 2-With all the activities and development in B2B e-commerce, address the implications for a career in e-business. 3-List three situations in which a business plan is recommended or required.

    This addresses cash rebates, if they're ethical, & % used.

    Can you help me get started on the following: Research cash rebates and other similar cash management techniques and answer the following questions: - Are these practices sound business decisions? Are they ethical? Explain. - What percentage of the rebates offered are actually paid?

    Management Questions: Intranet, Portals and Internet Ethics

    Please help me with these question for an assignment 1-What main benefits can one expect of an intranet installation? 2-Discuss the strategic and technological fit required for an organization to implement a portal. 3-Elaborate on some of the ethical issues surrounding the Internet. What single issue do you consider the mos

    Ecommerce and system design II

    1. What internet business model would be appropiate for the company to follow in creatying a Web site and why? 2. In what ways can the company benwefit from the web site ? What functions should it perform for the company ? 3. In what ways might the company use the Internet for its own benefit? 4. Prepare functional specificat


    1) What indicators suggest e-commerce is here to stay? Explain. 2) When you hear someone talking about strategic planning, what is the person focusing on? In terms of e-commerce, what questions does an online merchant consider when strategizing? Explain. 3) Elaborate on the distinctive types of hardware and software necessary

    E-Businesses and Intermediaries

    By redesigning relationships with business partners, e-business allows for direct customer relationships thus empowering "disintermediation." What types of new intermediaries might emerge in lieu of the classical middlemen of the past?