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    Privacy issues associated with web bugs

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    1. Identify the problems identified in the case. Evaluate the options of possible solutions presented by the authors.
    2 Has Home Connection's use of the Web bug violated the privacy of those who agreed to display the ad on their personal computers? Has the privacy of those who visit the site and click on the ad been violated?
    3. Should those who display the ad on their personal computers have the right to refuse to have the Web bugs attached? In other words should they be allowed to have the right to opt-out of this arrangement?
    4. Suppose a person who displays the ad agrees to the Web bug. Should that person be required to place a statement on his or her personal Web site indicating that persons clicking on the ad my receive further advertisements from a number of sources?
    5. What was the author's recommend solution? Do you agree or disagree with their recommendation? Why or why not?

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    1) One of the major problems identified in this case, is the fact that home connection was accused of not having the proper regard for the privacy of its customers. Another problem identified in this case, is the fact that home connection needed to increase its customer base in order to remain competitive in this industry, yet the method that was utilized in connection with achieving this goal, was the use of subversive and secretive methods that were unknown to the present customer base. In order to properly deal with the privacy issue in this case, the author's solution was to properly notify customers that web bugs were being utilized in order to obtain data about individuals who clicked on their advertisements, and that these web bugs did not monitor or collect information of a personal nature from their customers. I think this was a good way to solve the privacy issue, as well as the issue of needing to increase the company's customer base, due to the ...