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Considerations for an E-business

A travel e-business that specializes in planning golf vacations has plans to offer its trips to customers around the globe. Suggest two considerations of such a move.

Telecommunications and Mobile Communicating

Telecommunication and mobile computing have changed the way we all work and live today. Please help me with your own take or own perspective on telecommunications and mobile communicating (would like others perspectives on this) and how they have changed all of lives & even work place.

Tracking Auctions for Dominant Designs

Assume you are a well-versed, knowledgeable, and experienced consultant. Consider this situation: Fred Stringer has come up with a new computer program to help online sellers manage online auctions at sites such as eBay and others. This computer program is superior to just using a spreadsheet to track auctions. Fred would like

Business Plan Design Example

Hi I have to write a business plan. Below is the outline of what I'm looking for. Table of Contents Executive Summary - Consider writing this section last. Give a brief overview of the issue and the plan, creating interest. This is not an introduction, but rather should be more like an abstract, in which a summary of th

Electronic Commerce Decisions

Consider the case of a small office supply company whose customers are local businesses. The company doesn't have a big budget for IT, but does have a big need to be able to manage materials, delivery schedules, and build customer loyalty. Questions: Would you recommend a B2B model of electronic commerce or instead extend

Decisions not implemented after ideas formed- reasons why.

Pfeffer, AJ. & Sutton, R.I. (2000). The knowing-doing gap: How smart companies turn knowledge into action. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. How is it that organizations get excited about a course of action and then do nothing to implement the decision? Describe. (feel free to use an example from your own experience) Do

Information that makes products valuable in collectibles

When selling antiques, you can usually obtain a higher price for those that have a provenance, which is information detailing the origin and history of the object. For example, the property owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana sold for much more than face value. Do some research and find some other products (tw

Ethical or Regulatory Issue in eCommerce

Can someone please explain an ethical or regulatory issue that plays a role in successful eCommerce? Please support your view with evidence, explanations and credible references.

How to select best expatriate managers

What kind of screening process will you use to identify those with the "right stuff" to serve overseas? From that pool, how would you select the right candidate to send?

Management Information Systems - development of an e-business

(1)Discuss the strategic issues faced by the company in launching and developing their e-business ventures. (2) Provide your recommendations and analysis. CASE STUDY II-5 The CliptomaniaTM Web Store Cliptomania, LLC, a limited liability corporation, sells clip- on earrings on the Internet at

The US Supreme Court majority view is that the Act is valid under the Tax & Spending power while the USSC minority view is that the Act is invalid because it allows Congress to direct the creation of commerce.

The US Supreme Court majority held that the Act is valid under the Tax & Spending power because the Act leaves the uninsured with a rational choice about whether to buy the plan, and any State that "voluntarily and knowingly" accepts the terms of the new Medicare program agrees to be penalized if they do not do what they are tol

Vital electronic commerce links

1. The Internet, intranets, and extranets provide vital electronic commerce links between the components of a business and its customers, suppliers, and other business partners. This allows companies to engage in three basic catories of electronic commerce applications. What are the categories? Explain them. 2. The type of i

Virtualization Technology and IT Development

1. Planning is a useless endeavor because developments in e-business and e-commerce and in the political, economic, and societal environments are moving too quickly nowadays. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? 2. What planning methods would you use to develop e-business and e-commerce strategies and applicatio

Information And Social Media

What are the advantages and disadvantages of easily accessible information? What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media? What credibility issues can arise from information found on the internet?

Médecins Sans Frontières

Examine how Médecins Sans Frontières(MSF) a non-profit organisation employ social media marketing strategies to build their brands and increase donations, Médecins Sans Frontières, uses social media to gain followers and compel the public to take action for its cause. Begin by reviewing the MSF website ( and then

American Red Cross: E-Commerce

1. At what levels does the American Red Cross utilize nonprofit e-commerce? What technologies and platforms are used and what suggestions would you give to improve on both the technology/platform itself and the use of it within your NPO? 2. Also Social Media/Networking sites such as YouTube, Flicker, Tumbler, Facebook and Tw

Porter's Three Generic Strategies

I learned about Porter's three generic strategies: Poter's value chain analysis, procurment process and inventory management. If I choose an industry such as grocery stores, clothing retailers or airlines, etc, can you assist me with analyzing and comparing two companies, one that is competing based on price and another that is

Organizations Creating Online Communities

Find an example of an organization that has created an online community to market a product or service and answer the following questions: What products or services is the organization attempting to market via its online community? How does the organization engage consumers? Do you feel that the organization is successful i

Case Study: Instant Ads; reviewing as a consultant.

Analyze the " Instant Ads" case study (attached) Answer question Number 1 Analyze the case and apply business reasoning in your analysis (as it pertains to question 1, don't worry about the others). Like a consultant. *Use APA format, use other resources.

Financial Analysis: Investing in Companies

Assume you are a savvy financial analyst researching companies in which to invest. Select a U.S. publically-traded company you think might be a good investment and perform a financial analysis. Your analysis should include the following: - Company Overview. Conduct research and describe the company, its operations, locations,

OpenTable Case Study

Read the OpenTable Case Study Answer the following questions. Support your views with evidence and not just opinion. 1.Why will OpenTable competitors have a difficult time competing against OpenTable? 2.What characteristics of the restaurant market make it difficult for a reservation system to work? 3.How did Open

Amazon business level strategy

Discuss Amazon's business level strategy including identification of the industry, development of the value creation frontier, identification and justification of the company's generic business level strategy, market segment, strategic group, and rivals, and tactics used to manage those rivals. Business Level Strategy I. How

An explanation of search engine optimization.

Doing E-Commerce is no good without understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Give a pitch the board chair of your company. She wants to know what in the world is SEO and how can it help us to move more product and attract more consumers to our websites and blogs. Well, you know how top officers are - you'd better keep thi

Understanding E-Commerce

What is e-commerce? What are some of the potential problems and the barriers encountered when establishing a successful global e-business?