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    Information that makes products valuable

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    When selling antiques, you can usually obtain a higher price for those that have a provenance, which is information detailing the origin and history of the object. For example, the property owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Diana sold for much more than face value. Do some research and find some other products (two or three) that have value over and above a comparable product because of such information? What kind of information makes products valuable? Consider both tangible (resale value) and intangible value (sentimental appeal).

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    An example of an article that is worth more is a Louisville Slugger Joe DiMaggio model 125 bat, signed by Joe DiMaggio. It sold for $3125 dollars, although the estimate that it would sell for was $1000-$1500. Of course, a bat typically is worth far less. The provenance of this bat was provided by "a letter of authenticity regarding the autograph from James Spence Authentication and letter of provenance from grandchildren of DiMaggio certifying that the bat was from Joe DiMaggio's ...

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    This solution gives examples of products that are appraised at higher values than their apparent worth because of different variables. It also outlines variables that affect worth of a product.