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    Benefits of visiting Microsoft website

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    Microsoft maintains online information and product upgrades for all of its major products. These product sites contain useful information including product features, product assistance, product downloads, and much more.

    Visit Microsoft's product site to discover a wealth of information about Microsoft products:

    What kind of information on the site do you find to be valuable to you?
    What kind of information about Microsoft Word do you find to be useful in your personal or professional life? Explain.

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    I went to Microsoft.com and found the following things I think are useful and interesting.

    Microsoft.com has many different types of pages, products, information, and support for computer users. And for the computer professional there is so much support, tools for learning, and comparisons of products.

    There are the most important issues, products and support. Each products offered by Microsoft is reviewed and explained. There are buttons to access information about Windows, Office, Business Solutions, Developer, MSN, games, home office, and mobile devices and software. Each different section is further. The Windows buttons accesses a screen that offers more choices of Vista, XP, Mobile, Embedded, and Server among others. Internet Explorer is located under the Windows segment. ...

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    The different items found on the microsoft.com website and how they are applicable and useful to visitors to the site. Items such as products, information, downloads, templates are discussed.