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Apple: Internal analysis using SWOT

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Apply three internal analysis SWOT, value chain and resource base view. See the questions listed at the end of the case.

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SWOT Analysis.

Apple's strength lies in excellent designing. Its designs are great and help it differentiate its products from that of rivals. Its other strength is that Apple makes its own software and so it is able to match its hardware designs with its software perfectly.

Weaknesses: Apple has to employ engineers for designing and compared to other companies that outsource their designing to outsource design manufacturers, the cost incurred by Apple is higher. Further, the risk of every product launch increases.

Opportunities: Apple can launch new path breaking innovations that reap in good profits. Apple can integrate its design with the software it produces and this will really produce high quality innovations.

Threats: Other competitors developing and launching many more products using the outsourced design manufacturers. Other competitors, copying quickly the designs of Apple, and reducing its profit margins;

Value chain Analysis:

Inbound logistics: The engineers that ...

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