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    Tracking Auctions for Dominant Designs

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    Assume you are a well-versed, knowledgeable, and experienced consultant. Consider this situation: Fred Stringer has come up with a new computer program to help online sellers manage online auctions at sites such as eBay and others. This computer program is superior to just using a spreadsheet to track auctions. Fred would like his program to become the dominant design, but also wants to earn a profit from all his hard work. Explain the advice you would provide to Fred in terms of what he can do to meet both of these objectives.

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    Objective 1- Program becomes dominant design for online sellers to manage their auctions
    Objective 2- Program brings in profits

    Well, as a consultant, I would treat the pursuit of one objective as the pursuit of the other. I would consider both objectives simultaneously, as these dual objectives reinforce each other. In making the program the optimal choice for online sellers to manage their auctions on sites such as eBay, one will surely reap benefits in the long run, profit wise, and if one does the job right, perhaps within a short period of time as well. Nevertheless, you have to consider a few factors first.

    In establishing this computer program, one needs to look at its starting (and potentially long-term) costs. This will include the following:

    Labor costs: this is basically getting the right people, hence the computer programmers, or you yourself if you know how to code/make the program
    Domain name on website: as you will be selling this program to those who auction off items online, it would be best to advertise ...

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