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    Customer Paths on a Business Site

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    Business Problem: As the owner of an online surfing gear business, you periodically study the customer paths on your site. This week you've noticed a high percentage of customers abandoning their orders at checkout. Outline the possible reasons as well as how you would correct the problem.

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    There are a plethora of reasons a consumer may not follow through with a purchase at checkout.

    "Customer service is a problem for many electronic commerce sites. Recent research indicates that customers rate most retail electronic commerce sites to be average or low in customer service. A common weak spot for many sites is the lack of integration between the companies' call centers and their Web sites" (Schneider, 2004).

    For example, I purchased a product from an e-retailer; I paid for a total of four items. When my package arrived I received two items. I called the organization to voice my concerns and it just so happens the customer service via telephone was inefficient. The organization neglected to mention before the shipment was shipped that I wouldn't receive my entire order. Needless to say, the company failed to refund my money for the items I purchased that were not included in the shipment. I discovered that speaking to a representative was difficult because they rarely answered the phone, and when they did ...

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    The customer paths on a business site are examined.