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    T-Mobile Strategy

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    Enterprise Growth Plan Research
    Project Company T-Mobile
    Conduct company, industry, competitive and customer analysis, and then determine the appropriate growth path for T-Mobile
    Scope of Research
    The focus will be leveraging innovation as a key driver to achieve enterprise growth. Such innovation can be realized through new product line extensions, new services, new processes, business model innovation, or new market applications (to leverage the company's technology), new product uses, or new businesses based on breakthrough technologies. Also, be clear to pursue multiple options — do not be single-minded. Moreover, consider both top-line innovations (ways to increase revenue) and bottom-line innovations (ways to improve efficiencies and profitability).

    The deliverable will be a minimum of 10 -pages. You will be expected to address each of the following:
    • Company analysis
    • Industry analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • Customer analysis
    • Growth strategy options (all options under consideration)
    • Selected/optimal growth path(s) with validation/support (at least 3-6 paths)
    • Financial, organizational, production, operational requirements for the proposed growth plan (make the business case for the investment)

    Please cite all your references for all work sources for the research

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