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    Electronic and Mobile Commerce

    Hi, I need some assistance getting a start on this assignment. In this assignment you will evaluate real examples of electronic and mobile commerce that have changed your experience as a consumer. Filling out this table should be easier if you relate to the different industries as a "consumer". Please fill out the rows of this t

    Privacy in Computing

    Rights to personal privacy in various contexts and situations are often not well understood. Public and private sector employees are often surprised or upset to find that there is no expectation of personal privacy in the workplace with respect to communications such as telephone and email. When transacting business online, few

    Discussion of Business Models

    Question: Define and identify various business models, then compare and contrast companies that utilize different business models. Elaborate on the advantages they might have over their competitors. How the website type have an impact and what other types of companies could benefit from using the website type identified. Finally

    Case Analysis of Research Articles

    PART 1 Can you help me find a study for this and get me started? I need approx. 900-1000 words with 4 references. Research and Case Analysis This consists of 10-12 pages in which the group analyzes a recently published business research study (a group choice) selected from the academic literature. The analysis should b

    Current Issues in the Consultancy Business

    1. Describe the waterfall effect of e-business on the consulting process. 2. Identify and describe challenges for the future of the consulting industry. 3. Describe the intellectual value-chain with the four stages Four stages - Idea Origination -> Strategy Development -> Strategy Implementation -> Evaluation 4. I

    Choosing Topic Proposal

    I need help with choosing a Topic Proposal on e-commerce: Management Information Systems Review the instructions for the Research Paper attached. Then select a possible topic for your Research Paper. Write 1-2 paragraphs describing the topic chosen and why it interests you.

    Computer and Information Systems Security

    1. What specific security measures would need to be addressed during the implementation of an ecommerce? How security considerations impact the development of a Gantt chart. What influence does have your job (as computer and information systems manager) have? 2. Security is not simply a technology issue; it is also a business i

    eCommerce and Porters Five Forces

    Choose one of the five competitive forces in Porter's model. Describe a new opportunity and a new threat due to e-commerce via the Internet for a specific industry of your choosing.

    Supporting Information - E-commerce

    1. E-commerce vs. E-business - same concepts or two different concepts? Discuss. 2. There are 8 Unique Features of E-commerce Technology, discuss any two. 3. What is the role of web 2.0 in E-commerce? Discuss.

    Dealing with a Cyber Squatter

    Assume you a vice president in charge of the new business-to-business e-commerce division of a well-known major international auto parts manufacturer. A cyber squatter has registered the company name as a domain web name. - What are your options of securing the domain name for your company? - What steps can you take to en

    Analyzing Financial Aspects of Walmart: review of the company's website and other sources to summarize how the company is performing, and why, the amount of business risk, financial performance and business risk. APA references are included.

    Focus on the financial aspects of your selected company from Phase 3, Task 1. Your analysis will include the following 6 sections: *I Choose Walmart Financial leadership profile: Study the Web site, and look for the following information: 1. Identify the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer or other

    Nordstrom Case Study

    Nordstrom Case Nordstrom is an upscale US department store chain with sales that topped $8 billion in 2009. John W. Nordstrom originally started the company as a shoe store but it grew over the years into a fashion specialty chain store selling top-quality, brand-name clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, and fragrances

    Creating a business internet strategy

    E-commerce is the trend that most companies are going toward now a days. You are to select one business that does not already employ e-commerce and develop an Internet strategy for it. Most of the big corporations already use the Internet for business so you may have to think of something on a smaller scale, for example a local

    Portfolio Strategy for Toyota

    Choose a real organization and assume that the organization has recently received a large cash infusion and that your end goal is to maximize wealth. The "cash infusion" should be equal to 10% of your organizations net worth. Create a portfolio strategy that details executive-level strategic financial decision making. Create


    Please address the blue bullet points in the attachment according to the following criterion: - Design of the WPTV Web site - Effective presentation of information via the design of the WPTV Web site - Errors/bugs found on evaluation of Web site - Use of colors, white space, links - The web site runs on a web server - Si

    Strategic Issues of E-Commerce

    Discuss the strategic issues faced by a company wishing to launch and develop their e-business venture. Provide your recommendations and analysis.

    Modernization Theory and Globalization

    The export import economic model for modernization had what type of flaw as regards to those nations that adopted this model? What are the characteristics of globalization and what are some of its contradictions? (See the attachment pg. 34-36 to help you) What is the difference between glocalization and grobalization? Is one o

    Amazon, Internet Marketing and Need Recognition

    During the first stage of the consumer decision-making process, the consumer recognizes a need that can be satisfied by a purchase. What are ways that Internet marketers are attempting to trigger consumers' recognition of needs? What are some things that Amazon.com [http://www.amazon.com/] is doing to activate need recogni

    W3C and Web Filters

    I need help please.I understand what a W3C job is but I am not sure if they should develop web filters and if not, who should develop rules for such filters? I do not know how to answer that question. I do not know what to look for on the web. I also need help with finding out who can develop filters. Thank you.