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    Strategic Issues of E-Commerce

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    Discuss the strategic issues faced by a company wishing to launch and develop their e-business venture.
    Provide your recommendations and analysis.

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    E-business is the presence of any business over the Internet. This concept has gained a mass popularity and customer following in the last decade. Online business not only brings new opportunities for a business but may also reduce business costs. However, there are certain issues that marketers should focus on. These issues are discussed here.


    E-business has gained heights of popularity in the last decade. It is a growing industry with new companies entering in the market every passing year. It adds a strong portion in the growth of the economy especially, in the developing countries. Many offline companies have followed the trend to go online looking on benefits while various new entrants have started their online presence at the initial stage. This is due to various tangible and intangible benefits that online businesses provide.

    The most remarkable aspect of e-commerce is its ability to impact sales and marketing efforts immediately. When a company goes online, its reach to customers expands, and it can think of even national and ...

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