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    Business Student's Guide To The Best References, Research on the Internet

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    What are some of the best sites for researching about management and leadership?

    Please include a hyperlink and some sentences describing the site and why it is useful for this purpose.

    Additionally, it would be great if you could provide a reference to a business based search engine.

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    Business Student's Guide To The Best References, Research on the Internet

    The Internet has a vast amount of information that is useful for business students. However, when most people search, the results are too often irrelevant and contain sites that are disguised as ads. I know this first hand since my job requires extensive research using the Internet.

    While doing Internet research for my work and, when writing my book, articles and blogs, I found many excellent websites that contain references, research findings and content. These sites are organized in the list below. These are unique and much different than the typical business management and leadership sites.
    Each site is reviewed for quality and content value. A hyperlink is displayed with a short description of the site. Some descriptions also include suggestions or hints on particularly useful content or on content rich sites, a suggestion on where to start is included. Please see attachment for hyperlinks.

    Management and Leadership
    12 Manage
    A great site with references to practically every business function, technique or theory. Registration is required but it is free and worth it. You can also connect with members by area of interest. GO TO "START PAGE" first for good navigation organization.

    Management Issues

    Called "the heart of the changing workplace" the site has many topics you will ...

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    This solution provides and extensive list of 18 credible management and leadership web sites and descriptions of each site.