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Best Web Sites for Cross-Disciplinary Business Topics

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Business students need to do research that includes multi or cross disciplinary topics. While there are many resources on the Internet, when students search the Internet for information they often spend too much time before good information. What are the best sites for doing research? These sites should contain only sites that have been individually reviewed by someone who has a broad background in a wide variety of business issues. They also should be useful to business students while they are in school and after they graduate and are working.
The list should have each hyperlink described in 2-3 sentences and include what can found and suggestions to sections that are particularly good.

It would be great if there is a reference to a business based search engine.

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Best Sites for Business Management and Leadership Students
The Internet has a vast amount of information that is useful for business students. However, when most people search, the results are too often irrelevant and contain sites that are disguised as ads. I know this first hand since my job requires extensive research using the Internet.
While doing Internet research for my work and, when writing my book, articles and blogs, I found many excellent websites that contain references, research findings and content. These sites are organized in the list below. These are unique and much different than the typical business management and leadership sites.
Each site is reviewed for quality and content value. A hyperlink is displayed with a short description of the site. Some descriptions also include suggestions or hints on particularly useful content or on content rich sites, a suggestion on where to start is included.


This site is the Kitchen Sink of links to anything you need to know about business and more. It has many external links and spreadsheets and whitepapers to download.

Quick MBA

You don't have to be an MBA student to profit from this site. Topics include major business topics from ...

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The Internet has lots of information but too often good information for business students is hard to find. This becomes even more difficult if your need information that cross a number of business topics. This solution will help you to get what you need in less time. Internet sites were selected and reviewed by an MBA practicing manager. Word document has hyperlinks.

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