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    Website Evaluation Paper Argument Development

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    Website Evaluation Paper

    As part of a business, you will write reports that may impact decisions. Having the best information available is important; therefore, knowing how to assess websites is critical. You have been asked to evaluate the quality of one of the following websites. Would you recommend this site as a credible site to someone in your business? Why or why not? What issues should the business keep in mind? Address the topics of currency, authority, objectivity, accuracy, and coverage as well as any other information you think appropriate. Keep in mind that you are critically evaluating how the website you have chosen addresses these areas of concern. You do not just explain what the website has on its pages. You critically analyze how these areas of concern impact your evaluation of the website as a credible resource for your business.


    Your Task. This assignment is not a group assignment. Pick one (1) website from the list above. Identify the type of site (advocacy, news, information, e-commerce, personal). Using information available to you, evaluate the site using the criteria to assess a quality Web page?authority, currency, coverage, objectivity, and accuracy.

    Take a critical look at the website. Assess the value of the website and answering the question: Would you recommend this website as a valuable source of accurate information? Support your answer. Do not just list what you found at the site, work information about the various topics?currency, authority, objectivity, accuracy, and coverage?into your assessment.

    Master Rubric Checksheet


    Criteria Elements
    1. Problem Identification Topic/Problem:
    ___Clear statement of topic
    ___Key problem(s) identified
    ___Sustained throughout paper

    2. Argument Development Argument:
    ___Collection/presentation of research
    ___ Analysis of research to support the topic
    ___ Detailed and thoroughly developed

    3. Supporting Evidence Supporting evidence:
    ___Good detail/specificity throughout the paper,
    ___Directly related to problem/topic
    ___From a credible source

    4. Conclusions Conclusions/Recommendations:
    ___Address key problems identified
    ___Follow logic of supporting evidence

    5. Consistency with Codes or Universal Ethical Principles Student Code of Conduct/Universal Ethical Principles:
    ___States code/principle used
    ___Code/principle consistently applied in analysis
    ___Recommendation(s) consistent with code/principle used

    6. Logical Organization

    ___Clear Introduction
    ___Smooth transitions & flow
    7. Mechanics Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other mechanics
    __3 errors per page average
    __2 errors per page average
    __1 error (or less) per page average

    8. Writing Writing:
    ___Appropriate business language.
    ___Sources are properly cited.
    ___Appropriate style (formal/informal) and tone (negative/positive)

    9. Visual Appearance Appearance:
    ___Appropriate formatting for tables, graphs, and figures.
    ___Title page if appropriate.
    ___Followed directions

    10. Disciplinary
    Disciplinary Characteristics
    ___Word choice appropriate to the discipline.
    ___Vocabulary shows business understanding.
    ___No slang.

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    The site for Venue Restaurant and Lounge is designed to advertise the
    restaurants, with locations in Lincoln and Kearny, Nebraska. The site includes
    information that visitors to a restaurant may want to consider, before choosing where
    to eat. Directions to both locations, hours of operation, hours of bar operation and
    menus are all accessible from the home page. The site includes menu bars for
    searching desired information. It also includes a brief mission statement. The
    establishment also offers conference rooms. Phone numbers to both locations are
    provided, for making reservations and for purchasing gift cards. Photos of dining
    areas, conference rooms and menu items are also included, within the various pages
    of the site.
    Authority and Authorship
    It is clear, from the tone and language used in the site content, that the author
    or authors of the site are the owners, or representatives of the owners, of the eating
    establishments. Use of language like "you will find everything there is to know about
    who we are" (yourvenue.net, 2011), makes it clear that the owners want to make the
    site personal for visitors. While restaurants are not typically researched in an
    academic sense, they are researched by potential patrons, when looking for a
    suitable or new place to eat. The apparent authors are owners of the restaurant.
    They are not experts in an academic field, though their chefs and the establishment
    may have won awards for culinary expertise and service.
    There is an affiliation to the site, from an organization known as OrderEze,
    which provides web hosting and web design capabilities to restaurants. There is a
    link to the service, from the restaurant pages. There is no link from OrderEze.com to
    Venue Restaurant and Lounge. There is a link to Urban Spoon, which is a site for
    ranking local restaurants. A link from Urban Spoon to the ...

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