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Comparative Reasoning: "Vote" Celebrity Ad

Comparative Reasoning Paper

Review the Celebrity ad: "Vote" on You Tube
Describe the comparison it makes.
Place the argument through the five tests of reasoning: Familiarity, Simplicity, Comprehensiveness, Productivity & Testability.
Describe the comparative reasoning to drive the argument in simple terms.


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First it is a good idea to operationalize the five criteria . This comes from the website
http://thethinkspot.com/critically/chapters/11. Accessed December 5/2012. Comparative Reasoning: "This Is Like That" Thinking

Comparative reasoning (or this-is-like-that thinking) is the process of using what is more familiar to make interpretations, explanations, or inferences about what is less familiar.

Familiarity, in the evaluation of comparisons, is the degree of knowledge the listener has about the object to which the unknown is being compared.

Simplicity, in the evaluation of comparisons, is a measure of the relative absence of ...

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The expert examines "vote" celebrity ad's for comparative reasoning.