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Privacy in Computing

Rights to personal privacy in various contexts and situations are often not well understood. Public and private sector employees are often surprised or upset to find that there is no expectation of personal privacy in the workplace with respect to communications such as telephone and email. When transacting business online, few people make the effort to find, read, and really understand the privacy practices and policies that apply. For this conference, locate a privacy policy on a publicly available web site (e-commerce, government, industry, or other). Read the policy and summarize any commitments the site makes to visitors with respect to privacy of personal information. Does the policy make you more or less likely to provide information on that site?

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For this example, I reviewed the Facebook privacy policy found at According to this policy, Facebook talks about what information is received about you from you and from your friends. It talks about the ability to restrict postings to certain people. It discussed information that is always ...

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