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Importance of security in today's computing environment

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DQ1: Provide an outline for the development of your security policy for your e-Commerce site. Why is security so important in today's computing environment?

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The importance of security in today's computing environment are given.

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A privacy policy is a document that explains how your company uses the information it collects. A well-defined privacy policy is a clear symbol of your company's honesty; it should tell customers how you use their data, it should outline your mail policy, and it should explain that you always consult the customer and ask permission before taking any action that involves them or their personal data. A privacy policy signals that your business is an honorable one - one the consumer can trust, can work with long term. TO create a successful privacy policy:
<br>1. Explain Why You Are Collecting Information -- Many e-commerce sites collect user information to generate a customized shopping experience and enable one-click shopping. Other sites use e-mail addresses so they can send newsletters and special promotions. Establish clear guidelines from the outset. Tell your customers and visitors to your site why you need the information you are asking them to reveal.
<br>2. Tell Your Users What They Get in Return -- Explain clearly what tangible results the user will be getting from you. A weekly e-mail update? Offers from companies selling related products and services? If your site incorporates advanced security features such as SSL encryption of transaction data, state it here. Any feature or communication that affects user privacy should be disclosed - and that includes the use of cookies to track data not ...

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