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Case Study: End Point Security Gets Complicated

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Please see the attached case summary to complete the following:
Summarize the most important elements of the "Wyoming Medical Center, Los Angeles County and Raymond James: End Point Security Gets Complicated" case in your own words.

Identify what concepts presented in the case may be an issue or an area to address for other companies in the not so distant future, and why.

Compare and contrast end point security today with end point security five years ago. Why is it more complicated today?

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Solution Summary

This response discusses why end point security is getting complicated in today's organizations.

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Identify what concepts presented in the case may be an issue or an area to address for other companies in the not so distant future, and why.

One of the areas that companies need to address immediately or in the near future is data security and privacy issues due to increasing use of BYOD or Bring Your Own Devices in the form of Smartphones, Tablets, etc. by end users. The plethora of data being generated, stored and used in today's big data or analytics centric business environment is creating huge challenges for CIOs of organizations, particularly regulated industries such as healthcare, to manage the security and privacy of such confidential data. CIOs also need to worry about complying with laws and regulations pertaining to sharing of such data. At the same time, a critical balance needs to be maintained between access ...

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