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"For Talent" Case Study

Based on the reading of case study 5.2 "For Talent". Refer to the questions found at the end of the case studies to help you think about your response. Please just don't answer the questions at the end of the case study,


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The Code Jam method helps improve on the traditional HR planning approaches in several ways. First, the Code Jam methods allow Google to see and pick the best programming talent. The most competitive programmers are drawn to the contest. The purpose of Google is to pull and hire the best talent and the Code Jam method helps Google achieve this objective. Remember, the programmers shown their talents for the $6,900 prize money. These are not job applicants. Some of these may not have applied had Google put up a normal job advertisement. Normally, if Google had put up job advertisements it would not have got such a large response, nor would so many talented programmers applied to it.
The other advantage of Code Jam is that this method is fast and so the required personnel can be selected and appointed in a timely manner. Had Google used its normal recruiting methods, it would have taken several ...

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"For Talent" case study is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation where the Code Jam method is explored in a Google case study. All references used are included.