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    Electronic and Mobile Commerce

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    Hi, I need some assistance getting a start on this assignment. In this assignment you will evaluate real examples of electronic and mobile commerce that have changed your experience as a consumer. Filling out this table should be easier if you relate to the different industries as a "consumer". Please fill out the rows of this table making it a document of 2-3 pages. The first row is just an example of the exercise.

    - Industry: Brief description of the E-commerce and/or M-Commerce model in the industry.

    - Website Examples.

    - Education and Training: Continuing education is costly and just keeping up-to-date with advances often requires taking training courses and traveling to conferences. In the last 5 years continuing education in many fields has been moving online faster. It is estimated that by 2016 over 50 percent of doctors for example, will be building their skills through online learning. Companies such as Cisco save millions by moving training to the Internet. Fully online accredited PhD granting university: www.trident.edu.

    - Auto:

    - Entertainment:

    - Financial:

    - Retail:

    - Travel:

    - Any other Industry:

    - Write a conclusion paragraph about how these websites have changed your consumer behavior.

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    Auto: Selecting an auto is time consuming and involves visiting several auto stores. Even then the choice of cars may not be suitable. Online purchases of cars is far faster, cheaper and efficient. E-commerce enables the site to look at data generated from previous purchases. The information may include a full body measurement for the customer and her family, and her auto use habits. The site then presents cars that suit the customer and have the features she needs. The site then allows the customer to add features in the car, recommends local businesses that provide service in the area where the customer lives, and allows her to add accessories that she requires. The customer can schedule a test drive from a dealer close to her place, choose finance options and save the configuration. The customer can next pick and choose another site that allows her to pick components from any manufacturer and the parts are assembled in a plant that assembles cars. Companies such as Ford save time and money by enabling customers to buy cars online. A company that allows customers to pick components from any manufacturer is Buildyourowncar.com.

    Entertainment: Going to movies is time consuming and the theaters where the newest movie is released may be a distance away from the office or home location of the customer. TV shows are difficult. When the show is on TV, the customer maybe in an important meeting and may not be able to see the program. Online, the newest movies, last night's TV shows and classic favorites can be streamed ...

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