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Tapscott and Williams Electronic Commerce

Give examples of the following statement by Tapscott and Williams: "As the new Web evolves, platforms for participation are becoming the competitive standard for top online properties. There are a variety of ways to compete in this environment, and open approaches to innovation do not have to be synonymous with free. Companies t

Tapscott and Williams Electronic Commerce

Consider the following statement by Tapscott and Williams: "...we must encourage innovation without eroding the vitality of the scientific and cultural commons. We need an incentive system that rewards inventors and knowledge producers and encourages dissemination of their output." What approaches might be taken to change the cu


I will set up a Medical Tourism business that helps U.S. citizens plan their trips to Costa Rica for Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry. The aim of the business will be to expose US clients to world-class cosmetic care abroad at more affordable prices. Cosmetic dentists and surgeons in Costa Rica can charge less because the

Website Critique

Select a major company Web site to review, and establish critique criteria for your review. Some areas of emphasis for your critique include: the site design, usability, and business processes for the customer. Also, 1. Select an e-business that is clearly established and operating on the Internet. A retail Web site, porta

General E-commerce questions

What is a benefit of e-auctions to sellers? -Convenience since the bidding can occur anywhere and anytime -High stickiness to the web site -Annonymity -The optimal price is determined by the market Because online buyer's decisions depend on numerous independant and intervening variables, decsions made by customers are cla

Leader or Follower

Consider the broad area of e-business and e-commerce, and the fact that some companies are leading associated trends while others are merely following or perhaps not even doing that. In their 2001 book, E-Business 2.0: Roadmap for Success, authors Dr. Ravi Kalakota and Marcia Robinson indicated "Your company's success depend

Define the following:

Define the following: Electronic Data Interchange Value-Added Networks Restaurant Inventory

Describe an e-business you might like to start

Describe an e-business you might like to start. Have some fun with this process. For instance, if you like dogs, you might decide to sell a downloadable information product about adopting a dog. Just please make sure your business does not include criminal or pornographic activity (your instructor is squeamish). Do not use he

advertising in e-commerce and demographics

Advertisement (Part 1) What are three ways to advertise, in an e-commerce society, a new business venture? Networking Sites (Part 2): Identify three social networking sites any new business should link to. What are the target demographics for each site highlighted?


Given the global significance of e-commerce, international efforts have been made to harmonise specific legal issues. One of these is the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signatures. Some critics have labelled it as not being "sufficiently comprehensive" and "a half-hearted attempt" at harmonisation. You are required to research

Benefits to commerce of shielding members from personal liability

Explain the processes of the benefits to commerce of having shareholders and other entities that shield their members protected from personal liability? Would commerce be better served if personal liability would attach to those individuals for the misdeeds of their entity? Why or why not?

E-commerce questions

______are systems where only routine transactions processing and information flow take place between 2 or more organizations using a standard protocol, such as electronic data ingerchange (EDI) -E-CRM -Interorganizational information systems -Intrabusiness EC -B2B Software tools that scout teh Web for stores that sell sim


Analyze Use Excel and financial statement analysis to determine the profitability of an e-commerce company and the viability of its business model. Submit any simplified spreadsheets you created of the company's balance sheet and income statements. Publicly traded companies, including those specializing in e-com

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Research three entrepreneurial opportunities that you might be interested in. Provide a summary of each, including why they interest you, what opportunities exist within each choice that can be exploited, and what challenges each opportunity faces. What are the differences between business to business (B2B or B to B) and bu

The "Information Age" and Changes in Pricing

This solutions highlights various factors that enabled businesses to introduce innovative pricing strategies to their customers. Most of these strategies were made possible by the use of information and communication technologies that made possible cost reduction, process improvement, direct selling and improved customer value t

E-commerce and the Business

How can a grocery store make better use of e-commerce? How do e-commerce operations management compare to traditional operations management? What are the critical success factors of e-commerce operations management? What's the framework of PERT and CPM?

Strategic Management: Strategic Choices

1.) What recent strategic choices have been made by the top folks at WalMart that help the company to be more competitive? 2.) Can you categorize these choices as following any of Porter's four generic strategies? Explain. 3.) From the SWOT perspective how successful has this strategy been at: Capitalizing on WalMarrt'

Which of the following is an advantage of a sole proprietorship? * The owner of a sole proprietorship has no liability The owner of a sole proprietorship has complete control over the business The sole proprietorship's existence does not depend entirely upon the sole proprietor Owners of sole proprietorships can raise a lot of cash quickly for expansion purposes 2. A corporation is a legal entity created under the authority of a state or federal statute that gives certain individuals the capacity to operate an enterprise. * True False 3. Vivian, owner of Titan Corp., uses Titan Corp. as a way to order merchandise for her personal benefit and fails to pay for the merchandise. Creditors who have shipped merchandise to Titan want to sue Vivian personally. Which of the following legal doctrines would allow a personal suit against Vivian? * Corporation by estoppel Piercing the corporate veil De facto corporation De jure corporation 4. Most state incorporation statutes provide that a corporation's business affairs should be managed under the direction of a board of directors. * True False 5. Lee, a shareholder of Big Co., is not allowed to vote at the annual meeting. Lee may bring a derivative suit. * True False 6. This case stated that a farmer's production of wheat for use only on his own farm was held to impact interstate commerce. * Gibbons v. Ogden Wickard v. Filburn Hughes v. Wendel Mangus v. Miller 7. If ABC Co. and XYZ Co. agree to charge consumers a fixed but fair price for their products, the courts will judge the legality of the practice by the rule-of-reason approach. * True False

. Which of the following is an advantage of a sole proprietorship? * The owner of a sole proprietorship has no liability The owner of a sole proprietorship has complete control over the business The sole proprietorship's existence does not depend entirely upon the sole proprietor Owners of sole proprietorships can raise a lo

Empirical Scholarly Journal Article Critique

Consider the following questions in your analysis clearly, succinctly, and in your own words. Be sure to support your statements with thorough explanations and cited references. Your critique will include the following: 1. Bibliographic Entry for the article in APA format. (Do not copy the whole reference list. Simply c

The Globalization of eBay: eBay's core competency

Discuss the case and incorporating answers to the questions below. It is important to address each of the questions presented. APA format is required for text citations and references. The Reference List is not included in the required paper length. The paper must contain at least five references, which may include the textbook

Social Media and Privacy

Social media sites and apps are increasingly utilizing (and providing to others such as "friends") consumer information that many might consider private, including a person's location and product or service purchasing preferences. This has resulted in a degree of controversy, such as that experienced by Apple and Google. Discuss

Operation management-About

Operation management-About Problem: Describe the typical process discussing in depth how product/service is produced and provided,generating a blue -print. Subsequently, examine how environmental greening and sustainability issues have impacted them and what initiatives they have taken to address these issues w

Considering Effective and Ineffective Leadership

Please help with the following problems. 1. When employed, which of the power bases do you think lead to effective leadership and which do you think lead to ineffective leadership? 2. Discuss and analyze the differences and similarities between leadership and managing or leaders and managers. 3. Identify and discuss th

Case Analysis: Fitness and Nutrition Start-Up Company

Case Assignment: Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant to write a report for a group of executives from a start-up company. This company wants to create a website as a resource for people who want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle combining the best fitness and nutrition options. They will collect articles, tips a

Issues Faced by Edmunds

See the attached files. 1. Analyze the issues faced by Edmunds and describe what lead the company to this situation. 2. Create and describe a strategy for addressing the situation at hand. 3. Assess which element in the strategy you just described would be the hardest to implement and explain why. 4. Describe what

Customization Of Marketing Strategies For Non-Profit, E-Commerce

Do marketers customize marketing strategies for non-profit and e-commerce consumers differently than other consumers? Support your position in a minimum of 200 words. Be sure to address both non-profit consumers and e-commerce consumers (separately), and to provide substantial support for the position that you take in each case

Case Study: Jack Welch and his major strategic actions

1. How successful has Jack Welch been in running GE from 1980 to 2000? 2. Comment on the major strategic actions that Jack Welch took during his twenty year tenure, and their impact on GE's performance. 3. What is your evaluation of Welch's approach to dealing with people and leading change? How important is he to GE's suc