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    Research and Decision Making Class

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    The four types of research represent reporting, descriptive, explanatory and predictive. They all can be called research models. What makes each one unique and different. Can you provide examples of each type in their application to research? Provide the references for the answer.

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    Reporting: A reporting study is generally done to provide a summarization of some data or to generate some basic statistics. A reporting study calls for knowledge and skill with information sources and gatekeepers of information sources. The task may be quite simple and the data readily available. At other times, the information may be difficult to find or compile. Reporting studies usually require little inference or conclusion drawing. For example: Total customers or visits on an e-commerce site are examples of basic reporting study.

    Descriptive: A descriptive study tries to discover answers to the questions who, what, when, where, and, sometimes, how. The researcher attempts to describe or define a subject, often by creating a profile of a group of problems, people, or events. For example: Understanding the ...

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