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    Provide an example when you made an ethical decision

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    Need help compiling a short essay in regards to ethical decisions. APA format. Include all sources.

    Provide a specific example of a time that you made an ethical decision.

    1. Provide a list of three different people the decision affected.
    2. Describe in detail how your decision affected each of the three people.
    3. If you had a chance, would you have made a different decision given the insight you have gained from the experience?

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    I can describe an ethical decision I had to make.

    As a professor I have to deal with all kinds of problems of my students. I have had students who did not submit homework and assignments during a term and hand in all of them (or nearly all) the last class and expect to receive a good grade. I have had to work with students with health and family issues that prevent being able to complete assignments or come to all classes.

    The most difficult ethical based decision I have had to make came in a very difficult statistical analysis class I was teaching. Four students, all good students in other classes I have taught, were having varying problems with the class. One student was only struggling with wanting to do the work. He was quick to answer and understood all the concepts. He was the most sought after for group work and often helped the rest of the class deciphering the process on research using statistics.

    This particular student decided, after ...

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    The expert provides an example when you made an ethical decision.