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    Business initiatives for success

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    As current and future managers of technology and innovation, what approaches and initiatives do you plan to utilize to ensure that your organization continues to successfully compete in the global marketplace?

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    I can not write your essay, but have outlined several key initiatives that will be helpful for business success. I included two references as well.

    Among the initiatives I would use are those that are available for accessibility and those that involve the value of human capital as opposed to just workers. In both cases, the growth and success of the company can be directly related to how the company attracts and keeps good people, working with the company, building and planning for the future. A third initiative is the better use of social media for employee and customer communication. We can use social media to our advantage in many ways.

    Human capital is the employee related buzzword in business. For workers, being valued is important. Companies are realizing that the right workers with the right knowledge and skills and the right attitudes are making it easier to be successful ...

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    A review of several initiatives for future success in the global marketplace. Includes social media, human capital, information, accessibility. References included.