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    Strategy Recommendation

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    • Identify the business you chose and describe the business and its industry
    I like Starbucks in this scenario because the company's CEO Howard Schultz and his organization have long established their desire to be the industry leader in their markets through advances in technology, training, and excellent customer service that leads to brand loyalty. Therefore, it only seems natural that the company would put its resources to work to begin developing a strategy to capture the online market space that is quickly becoming the future of marketing and sales, along with developing customer relationships that help attract and retain consumers to the brand. So, Starbucks makes sense in applying a future strategy recommendation.

    • Assess the company's current use of the Web.

    • Locate at least 2 additional articles other than the three originally used (see attachments) concerning the business implications of the Web for this business (Starbucks) in the future and briefly summarize them.

    • If you were advising this business on future direction, what actions would you advocate regarding their integration or further capitalization of the Web? Why?

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    From a use of the web and social media standpoint, Starbucks has become one of the world's largest success stories for their use of this medium to attract consumers. Over the past 5 years, Starbucks has become the fifth-largest brand on facebook with over 34 million fans. This equates to an estimated access to over 1 billion people globally for free (1).

    Additionally, Starbucks has grown its presence on Twitter to 4 million followers who regularly interact with the various Starbucks profiles 24/7. This massive amount of exposure capability was realized by Starbucks back in 2009 when the company began using facebook to explore consumer reactions and behaviors. Upon realizing how often people used facebook to communicate, Starbucks began capturing this momentum by posting contests, captions for comments, consumer idea pages, and promotional activities that drives millions of consumers ...

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