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Data planning and modelling

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I need help on the following questions please. Each question should be a minimum of 100 words and all sources be cited with references please:

1. Discuss the problems or pitfalls of doing data planning and modelling. How can these be alleviated? Discuss the advantages and uses of data modelling.
2. Identify the data that is captured about you—as a student, a professional, and a customer at a local grocery store. Discuss how the data is used by each of these organizations. What steps would you take to minimize the data that organizations collect about you?
3. What is a modem? When and why are modems necessary? What is a cable modem, and how does it differ from a traditional modem?
4. Choose one of the five competitive forces in Porter's model. Describe a new opportunity and a new threat due to e-commerce via the Internet for a specific industry of your choosing.
5. Define the term system. Give an example of a business system, and create a context diagram to show its boundary, environment, inputs, and outputs.
6. Describe how logical and physical representations of a To-Be system will differ.

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Data planning and modeling is examined for pitfalls. How to alleviate these issues are discussed.

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