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I need help with these questions.

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1) The third wave of e-commerce is about being mobile. The following technologies are leading businesses into the third wave of electronic commerce:

• Smartphones--smartphones can do more than send and receive messages. They can perform financial transactions, take videos, and browse websites.
• Tablet computers--these are similar to laptop computers, but are smaller and hence more portable. They have bigger screens and keyboards than smartphones. They can perform financial transactions, take videos and browse websites.
• Radio frequency identification (RFI) devices--these are intelligent bar codes that can track products. This helps businesses in managing their supply chain.
• Smart card--this is a plastic card with a built-in microprocessor. It is used for electronic processes such as financial transactions and personal identification. Similar devices can now be implanted under the skin on one's arm.
• Social networking--social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be used by businesses to advertise, follow up with customers, or find talented professionals for hire.


2) The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for
• managing domain names and coordinating them with the IP address registrars.
• setting standards for router computers that comprise the ...

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