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    Online Crimes & Security Measures

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    Discuss why new and improved security measures are not enough to stop online crime. What is the missing ingredient?

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    "Cyber crime is regarded as computer-mediated activities which are either illegal or considered illicit by certain parties and which can be conducted through global electronic networks. Cyber crimes describe criminal activity in which the computer or network is a necessary part of the crime" (Govil, 2007). Online crime has caused much damage and despite the new and improved security measures that have been adopted, these cybercriminals are still on the loose. It will never be stopped but it can be reduced by implementing strong and appropriate security measures such as the protection of e-mail through a secure e-mail gateway to block viruses, spam, bots and phishing attacks. Another way would be to implement token-based identity management where a third party application facilitates access to ...

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    Cyber crime is defined in the solution. Preventive security measures are given. FBI cases on arresting cybercriminals is analyzed.