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    Business and Leisure Travel

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    What are the two major segments of travel? Which one is growing the fastest and why?

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    The two major segments of travel are business and leisure. Business travel includes travel for relocation to a new job or new location, as well as travel for other business purposes. Like leisure travel, it can be domestic or international, depending on the size of the organization or its business partners and supply chains. Leisure travel includes travel for vacations and sightseeing, as well as to visit family abroad or attend special events. The global travel and tourism industry as a whole, is experiencing steady growth of roughly 10%. The benefit of travel, particularly travel for tourism, is increased economic benefit to the communities people visit. Hotels and other travel providers hire local workers and often establish relationships with local suppliers, when possible (World Travel & Tourism Council, 2014). Visitors, whether for leisure or business travel, contribute to local economies where they stay, by purchasing food, supplies, and in the case of leisure travelers, souvenirs of various types. All these activities further support local economies.

    While business travel still contributes substantially to growth in the industry, it is ...

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