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    Internet Marketing Plan for Online Luggage Web Site

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    You have just been hired as the new VP of Internet Marketing by http://www.luggage.com. Write an Internet Marketing proposal for the company. Your goal is to provide ideas for how luggage.com can increase traffic to the web site.

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    Not having exposure to the readings mentioned in your post, I can only apply the knowledge that I have gained through my professional experience and working on digital marketing campaigns.
    Objective: Increase traffic to luggage.com website
    Target: A critical portion of any marketing proposal is a clear identification of the target. Your target is travelers and frequency of travel is a huge determinant in a traveler's needs and desires. A traveler that only occasionally travels is least likely to be active in the market for luggage, but those who travel more frequently (1) potentially wear-out luggage more frequently and are more likely to be looking for replacements (2) are usually open to suggestions for better solutions to make for easier experiences and (3) on average will invest more in travel-related goods (such as luggage) because they use it more frequently. In addition to frequency of travel, I would recommend a look at the type of travel and there are two large buckets- business travelers and leisure travelers. While you can target business travelers as one group with this product (luggage), I would recommend narrowing leisure travelers to family travel, which is a huge market and narrowing will allow you to better pinpoint and motivate behavior (visits to the site). I have selected family travel is that this a growing segment (http://www.thefamilytravelfiles.com/content/traveldata/) and there are more luggage needs given the size of the party (more opportunity for sales).
    Business Travelers-
    You should provide an overview of your target that includes: Rationale (why you selected this target, what is the opportunity (see above); Statistics (how big is the segment, how much do they spend... see stats below); and an insight (see below for some thoughts).
    Below are some statistics on business travel that you may want to include in your proposal. http://www.frequentflyerservices.com/press_room/facts_and_stats/business_travel_statistics.php
    Insight: A business traveler is smart and savvy. They are usually looking for smart and compact luggage that allows them to travel with the least bulk. "I have to travel because of work and I want it to be as easy and possible. I usually need to travel with several things including my briefcase, a laptop and my suitcase. I like to zip in and out of the airport as quickly as possible and luggage should not be a hassle. I like luggage options that can help me consolidate, travel with less bulk and get in and out in the least amount of time."
    Family Travelers:
    You should provide an overview of your target that includes: Rationale (why you selected this target, what is the opportunity (see above); ...

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    This solution provides thoughts and ideas on a marketing plan for an online business, luggage.com. The plan thoughts include a dual target, identification of competition, possible marketing strategies and possible tactics (which do include social media). This solution provides great fodder, with resources, for an internet marketing plan.