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    Business and Leisure Events in Hospitality

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    Distinguish the difference between business and leisure events (Intro)

    (Body) Identify types of business events, identify types of leisure events, and explain differences and similarities between business and leisure events.

    (Conclusion) - Summarize

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    Business and Leisure Events in Hospitality
    People travel everywhere and for different reasons. Some travel for business and some for leisure. Business events are just that - for business. Leisure events are for pleasure. Going on a trip for business entails something that has to do with either the organization the person belongs to or to seek out information or demos on businesses that may be affiliate with that organizations. Leisure events are for when people go on vacation or seek to learn about other countries but for the pleasure of it.
    Business Events
    Business events are either created by organizations such as user groups meetings or the gathering of important personnel from various branches of an organization in order to meet and exchange business ideas and get to know the other employees who work for the company. These types of organized business meetings are normally held at hospitality places called hotels or resorts. Some businesses like to combine the business event with a golf resort where the employees can also relax and enjoy sharing ideas about the company.
    Other forms of business events can be created by the hospitality places such as resorts or hotels in order to allow businesses cut rates to explore the opportunities that the hospitality place offers. This can be opportunities for businesses to hold meetings at their conference centers instead of funding and setting them up themselves. Additionally, video conferencing which has become very popular could be arranged by the local hotel for a business to ...

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