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Events and recreation management

responses to each question should be at least 200-300 words

1 What are different types of event planning organizations? What are similarities and differences among them? May different types of event planning organizations work together? Explain your answer

2 What are three types of leisure events? Is there a difference in planning for each type? Explain your answer.

3 What are three types of business events? Is there a difference in planning for each type? Explain your answer.

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Events and Recreation Management:

There are different moments in life that need to be celebrated. Events mark those special moments and they need to be exquisitely organized to bring spark to the special moments. To attain great events, planning, scheduling, marketing and organization of everything should be keenly undertaken. The Events and recreational management body helps persons to be great event managers, planners who create outstanding events that exceed the expectations of the clients and the guests (Fulbright, 2011).

The Different Types of Events Planning Organizations:

There are different categories of events that require unique events planning skills. The event type determines the sort of event planning that will be undertaken. These are the different types of events; celebrations- these are fairs, parades, weddings, birthdays and even reunions, the other type of event is the education events- they include conferences, meeting and conventions. Promotions are also a category of events that have product launches, fashion shows and political rallies (The Event, n.d).

After looking at the different types of events, the events planning organizations can be well comprehended Organizations can opt to handle one type of event, like celebrations. This will make them to focus on weddings, fairs and parades among others. The similarities that exist between these event planning organizations are the major procedures that have to be followed to make occasion a success. The following are the events planning activities that should be adhered to by a competent event planner; the conducting of a research to find out the details of the upcoming event. The Creation of an event design that incorporates the major activities that should be in the occasion is an important event ...

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The events and recreation managements are examined. Three types of leisure events are given.