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    Distinguishing Between Business and Leisure Events

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    o Identify types of business events.

    o Identify types of leisure events.

    o Explain differences and similarities between business and leisure events.

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    o Identify types of business events.
    There are five types of business events. These are strategic events, system events, customer related events, regulatory events, and dependant events. The strategic events are related to the competition a firm faces in the market. System events are internal events and are managed to meet design needs. The customer related event is organized in relation to true external customers. The regulatory events are organized to help comply with laws and dependent events are related to suppliers.

    o Identify types of leisure events.
    The types of leisure events are events related to holidays, events related to birthday, events related to marriage, and miscellaneous events.
    The leisure events related to marriage maybe rehearsal dinners, weddings, morning-after brunches, bridal and baby showers, and anniversary celebrations.
    Currently, large leisure ...

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