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Scalability and Scaling Methods

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Compare and contrast the various scaling methods. Explain why scalability is a key business issue for websites.

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According to Vijayaraman, et. al. (2002), "Scalability is a term used to identify a business entity's ability to keep up with the pace of demand in several different areas of the business model." It refers to a website's ability to increase its size as the demand arises when the business grows. Any business that ventures in an e-commerce, whether B2B or B2C, or whether click-and-mortar or pure-play, has aspirations and beliefs that the site will grow and as such, he has to invest in a scalable site so that when the business grows, the site can easily expand to accommodate the growth. It would be a big waste of all the money, time and effort invested in the business if the site can't handle the achieved growth.
To solve the issue of scalability, hardware scaling can greatly help: horizontal ...

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