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Websites, Social Media and Culture

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1. In two paragraphs, explain why a customer-centric Web site design is so important, yet is so difficult to accomplish.

2. In about two paragraphs, distinguish between outsourcing and offshoring as they relate to business processes.

3. In about 200 words, explain how the achieved trust level of a company's communications using blogs and social media compare with similar communication efforts conducted using mass media and personal contact.

4. Write a paragraph in which you distinguish between a virtual community and a social networking Web site.

5. Write two paragraphs in which you describe the role that culture plays in the development of a country's laws and ethical standards.

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1) A customer-centric web site is one that is created with the customer's wants and needs in mind. Customer-centric marketing can increase sales, customer loyalty, and even encourage customers to voluntarily advertise a company's product on social networks.

One difficulty of creating a customer-centric web site is costs. These costs include web servers, web-developers and graphics artists, among others. Creating an appealing website is time-consuming. It is difficult to pinpoint a customer's needs and wants. Customers want quick access to product information, in as few clicks as possible, but at the same time want sites that are attractive. One of the difficulties businesses have in creating a customer-centric web site is balancing site functionality with visual appeal.

2) Outsourcing is where a company contracts the work out to a third party. The outsourced work may be performed within the same country, or in another country (i.e. offshore). Offshoring is where the company performs the work in another country. This is usually done to decrease costs.

The differences between outsourcing and offshoring are in the location as well as whether the work is done by the company or a contractor. Offshore outsourcing ...

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