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    Innovative Digital Media Practices

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    Choose an especially well-designed social justice or political web site. Identify and locate on the site two examples of especially effective, innovative digital media practices.
    1) Why the practices are effective and innovative, incorporating a theoretical/historical perspective in your analysis,
    2) Implications of the site's approach for future social justice and political practices.

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    1) The one especially well-designed social justice or political website is the Advent Conspiracy website located at: http://www.topsite.com/goto/adventconspiracy.org

    The website belongs to the Advent Conspiracy which is an international movement centered on bringing a deeper meaning to Christmas during the Christian season of advent. The movement has four principles namely worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all. The objective of the movement is to reduce consumerism during the holiday to celebrate Christmas more fully. One effective digital media practice is that it makes a very good use of color. The second effective digital media practice is its graphics are meaningful. The use of color is innovative. The home page color scheme of grayish green and black shadow creates the right mood for the website. From the theoretical perspective this is an effective use of primary colors. The color creates a mood but it does not distract from the written content. The use of color makes it easy to read the text. The color also helps keep the text simple and ...

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