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Digital media and community formation

Today, it is often a thin line between media usage/communications and ethical practices, privacy and messages. Describe your evaluation of how individuals use digital media in the formation of communities (local and global) and how relations may be transformed or cultivated using digital media. Please reference both evidence from the readings and other assignments, as well as personal experience.

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This outline should guide you and supply you with basics to use with your readings and previous assignments.

People are using both digital media and a subcategory of social media to form alliances, share news, and work to get out messages and news that corporate media often ignores. In some cases, the simplicity of a sharing a number of recipes, including pictures and video how to prepare a dish, or as complex as sharing inside news about conditions in a war torn area. Images of what is actually happening in places where access is limited, can be broadcast to members, showing why help is needed or where people can ...

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A brief review of how people use digital media to form groups across the world and help provide information for better understanding.