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Future Internet Usage

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Why would the amount of experience someone has using the Internet likely increase future Internet usage?

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Various studies have shown that the more time a user spends on the Internet, the more they become familiar and feel comfortable with its features and services making them more interested to explore deeper into the realms of the Internet world.

In a study of college students conducted by Jones (2008), the results have shown that college students nowadays are the early adopters and among the heaviest users of the Internet as it has become a part of their daily routine, integrated in their daily habits as a means of communicating and connecting with their friends and it has become a technology that is a necessity in its own right, same as the telephone and the television. Twenty percent (20%) of them started using computers at the age of 5 or 8. Some of them have said that he Internet provides them ample ...

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How the Internet has become a part of the lives of the generation of college students nowadays is examined. The implications to the future internet usage is determined.

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