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Argumentative Writing

Topic: Should homosexuals be able to marry? Include the following: 1. Thesis - Identify a specific claim relative to the topic you chose and defend it with as strong an argument as possible. The best way to develop a thesis statement is to offer an answer to the question, and then state in a clear and specific sentence t

Interview for Research

One way to have primary source material for your research project is to create questions for an interview, to conduct the interview, and to report your findings within the paper. For this assignment, you are to create a series of questions you could use in interviewing someone who is an authority on the topic you are researching

Public Service Campaign and Fundraising

Based upon a public service campaign. Fundraising - If you feel that there is a cause that you are passionate about and would like to see your community follow that passion, you can convince others to participate in a fundraiser to help that cause. Get family and friends involved with a walk/run for a cure by donating their

Angeolou Statements Quoted.

Choose one of Angelou's statements quoted in Meet the Writer that you find particularly striking - perhaps her comment about courage, the similarity of all people, or equal rights. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Does Angelou's belief relate to your life or the lives of people around you in some way? Write a letter

Avoiding Fallacious Statements or Using Argument by Authority Paper

Write about an original topic in a 5 paragraph essay (300-450 words).You are to adopt either the positive or the negative version of the topic statement. Argue the side you choose as you would your own idea. As you write, you will present the information in what may turn out to be similar to a five-paragraph essay format. Yo

HIV and Aids: transmission of AIDS, groups at high risk for the disease, universal precautions, how to guard against AIDS, primary prevention strategies for HCV, recommended steps in Needlestick prevention and why Hepatitis B poses a greater threat than HIV.

1. What do the acronyms "AIDS" and "HIV" mean? 2. What are the known ways that AIDS is transmitted? 3. List the groups of people who are considered high risk with regards to AIDS. 4. List five ways that AIDS is not transmitted. 5. Briefly explain universal precautions and their use. 6. List four ways to guard against contra

Inductive or Deductive Writing

Choose to write about AN ORIGINAL topic in a short 5 paragraph response (300-450 words). These are sample topics only so please feel free to use your own ideas. Answers previously used in other classes are not to be used. 1. We should eliminate personal income tax in the United States. 2. The internet should be free.

Article Review: Abortion Issues -- for example purposes only.

Identify four articles regarding abortion and choice. Evaluate your sources using the criteria below. For each source, create a references page entry followed by a short paragraph in which you evaluate that source. Credibility Source appears trustworthy based on author's credentials, reputation of publisher or sponsoring o

Catering to a Specific Audience

When you write effectively and persuasively about any topic, why is it necessary to know for whom you are writing, to be able to clearly define the terms you use, and to be able to back up your points with a body of credible information? Assume that you might be asked to write something of this nature for your future job. What h

Business Correspondence

A. Last winter, in consultation with your doctor, you chose to have some minor surgery done. This elective surgery requires a hospital stay of approximately three days and at least another four days of recuperation time at home. Originally the surgery was scheduled for early February. You made the necessary arrangements

Interpersonal skills and positive work relationships

In some situations, strong interpersonal relationships can actually be an *obstacle* to productivity. She notes that it is very important to distinguish what's important to you at the job place, for example having friends or having a job to support your family. It is so important to leave work at work and home at home. As an exa

Manager-Employee Relationships

Cherie is an accountant for a large advertising agency. After receiving notice of a prospective, large account, she thinks of a creative advertising campaign and tells her idea to Charles, her manager. Charles shoots down her idea and reminds her that her job is accounting. Several days later, the design team visits Charles and

"The Art of Disappearing" and "You Could Tumble Any Second"

I recently read this poem and absolutely love it and can see how it would relate to most of our lives in some sense. However, I would like another opinion as to what the meanings of each stanza are with regard to reflection on life, lessons to be learned, etc. Her ideas seem so basic, yet I think I'm missing the deeper meaning.

Inductive Argument : examples and analysis

1. Think of an inductive argument or example of inductive reasoning (either valid or fallacious) that you encountered over the past 1-2 weeks. Share it and analyze it. Was the example of induction that you encountered valid or invalid? Write 2-3 paragraphs that reflect upon the argument and your process of evaluation. 2. Th

Plan-Do-Check-Act Model of Quality Improvement/ Advanced Directives

Task 1: Please help me address advance directives and cover the following: â?¢ What are advance directives? â?¢ Purpose â?¢ Positive aspects â?¢ Negative aspects Task 2: Please use the P-D-C-A Model (explained below) of process improvement to show what you would do to solve the problem in the case study below.

Issue of negotiation and the online job interview

Negotiators are those who are willing to showcase their position to their best advantage. If we're deciding to hire a person who has great credentials but who doesn't negotiate for the position, as opposed to the person who negotiates and casts himself in the best light, the negotiator has an advantage. Now, negotiating canno

Types of Interview Questions

Construct a series of questions that you would ask in the opening portion of the following types of interviews: a. To obtain information from a county official about building permits for a report you have been assigned to deliver to senior management b. To write a biography of a long-time employee for a special presentatio

Managerial Communication for Organizational Climates

I am looking for some assistance with the following: In July 2008, a Florida laundry services company agreed to pay $80,000 and furnish other remedial relief to settle an EEOC discrimination lawsuit. The EEOC had charged that a Black Haitian laundry worker at Sodexho Laundry Services, Inc. lost her job because of her race, na

Annotated Bibliography with Five Sources

For the Case Assignment in this module, you will choose a current issue or topic, develop a title and thesis (main point), and construct an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of references you intend to use for a research project. Your annotations should include at least five full sentences. Your annotat

Article Review: How to Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster

Read: "How to: Recover from a Social Media PR Disaster" (from Mashable Business): Read and identify the claims within it. Express whether you agree or disagree with the author. You should include your opinion here, stating whether you agree or disagree with the author's cla

Writing an Introduction to an Essay

How do I write an introduction to an essay? Many times students feel they cannot write a paper due to not knowing where to begin. This solution provides steps on how to start a successful introduction for all types of writing so students may get past this tricky part of writing and move forward with their essays.

Deductive Argument: an example, plus review of Third World Farmer game

Question 1: Think of a deductive argument (either valid or fallacious) that you encountered over the last 1-2 weeks or the past month. Share it and analyze it in two paragraphs. Question 2: Go to the following website: When you are done playing, complete the following questions: a. Game En

Evaluating Media and Identifying Fallacies

Hi, I need assistance with the following assignment. I am not too sure where to begin. Assignment: Visit the Top 10 Crazy Political Commentators from following website: <://> and select one of the videos to view or listen to. Unless you are hearing-impa

Critical Thinking about Fallacies

Fallacies are everywhere. They can be so common that they hide from even the savviest reader. Ideally, now that you've familiarized yourself with the common fallacy types, you will be able to think of applications in your own life. For this log, reflect upon a recent encounter you had - this could be with a person, a text, or a