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    Avoiding Fallacious Statements or Using Argument by Authority Paper

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    Write about an original topic in a 5 paragraph essay (300-450 words).You are to adopt either the positive or the negative version of the topic statement. Argue the side you choose as you would your own idea. As you write, you will present the information in what may turn out to be similar to a five-paragraph essay format.

    You will need an introduction and a conclusion as well as three body paragraphs.

    Your purpose in this essay is to practice making an argument and to avoid the use of fallacious statements.

    Note that the first three possible topics could involve you in fallacious argument. As you write, try to avoid these even though any source you examine may well contain such fallacies (which you can expose). Topics four is the type to elicit "expert testimony," and sources that provide you information regarding the topic will probably have examples of such statements. Therefore, your essay should give evidence of such argument by authority.

    At the conclusion of your essay, cite the sources you used for information.

    Possible sample topics. Please feel free to use your own ideas. Papers submitted in other courses are not to be used.

    Lottery tickets are (are not) a scam
    Folklore remedies can (or cannot) be justified if it saves lives
    The upper-class should have to pay more taxes
    Iran should (or should not) hold the presidency of OPEC
    As you write this short essay, remember to go through all parts of the writing process. In the planning stage, think about whom your audience is and how you should approach them. In addition, think about how you can present a clearly defined topic and a body of succinct, convincing information gleaned from your personal experiences and your sources.
    1. All essays would be 5 paragraphs only of roughly 6-8 sentences per paragraph (to meet the 300-450 word count), using Times New Roman font at 12.

    2. Indent 5-7 spaces at the beginning of each paragraph.

    3. There is a max of 2 sources only on each essay and those sources, if used (you do not have to use sources if you can write an essay without them:), should be in the form of direct quotes only, 1 per body paragraph only (no quotes in the intro or conclusion:).

    4. All papers should be double spaced, including between paragraphs.

    5. There should be a good working title at the top of the paper which summarizes your topic, all major words capitalized. Be as creative as possible but make sure your title is a good indicator of your subject.

    6. I is not used anywhere but in the conclusion. This means no "I" anywhere but in the conclusion and no "we" or "you" or "our" or any other communicative pronoun.


    I. Introduction- 1 paragraph. Start with a broad statement of your subject, say something specific on your topic (thesis satement) break your topic down into 3 main points of argument in a sentence each, conclude with transition for your body. Each of your main points should be explained in a brief sentence, one after the other, all in a row (5 paragraphs total), and there should be little use of "I" here until the conclusion. Set the spacing to two, double space everywhere, including between paragraphs, and do not use "I" or tell any stories. Just the topic, three points of argument in a sentence each, then conclude (one paragraph, 6-8 LONG, FLOWING sentences in length, 60-90 WORDS).

    II. Body- 3 paragraphs total. In EACH of three body paragraphs introduce your main point, explain it, support it with a direct quote from your sources, comment without using an opinion or "I" and conclude with transition. If you are using outside sources it's a good idea to use direct quotes followed by an APA citation which consists of an author's name or web site and a page number. More on the main points of argument, less on background information which means more of your own ideas and less from outside sources (one point per paragraph, 3 paragraphs, 6-8 LONG, FLOWING sentences per paragraph, 60-90 WORDS).

    III. Conclusion- 1 paragraph. Restate your persuasive topic, summarize your three main points with a sentence each (the examples you listed in the intro and the ones your explained in your body), state an attitude using "I" only once and provide the reader with closure in this order (one paragraph, 6-8 LONG, FLOWING sentences per paragraph, 60-90 WORDS , with a sentence each to summarize your main points).

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