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    Paid vacation days decrease illness and improve morale.

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    Paid vacation days decreases illness and improves morale.

    In this essay, you are to adopt either the positive or the negative version of the topic statement. Argue the side you choose as you would your own idea. As you write, you will present the information in what may turn out to be similar to a five-paragraph essay format. You will need an introduction and a conclusion as well as at least three body paragraphs.

    As you write this short essay, remember to go through all parts of the writing process. In the planning stage, think about who your audience is and how you should approach them, and how you can present a clearly defined topic with a body of succinct, convincing information gleaned from your personal experiences and your sources.

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    I have copied and pasted the attached solution here for you to see - BUT- this text box does NOT perserve the formatting required for APA, and the attachment DOES. PLEASE open the attachment (MS Word 2010).

    To begin addressing this assignment, first choose your topic. You have four choices. If you do not want the one I select to use here as your example, follow the guidelines using your own chosen topic to create your essay. If you do want to use the same selection that I use for your examples, ADD to, DELETE from, EDIT, CHANGE or otherwise ALTER the examples that I provide for you to add your own ideas, voice and personality to the rough outline of the paper I will create for you here in order to show you how to do this for yourself.

    "Paid vacation days decrease illness and improve employee morale."

    First, access the APA style guide from an online source such as this good one: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/. This site has lots of instruction and examples on APA style and formatting. For example, APA papers require a title page. Your instructions do not specify a title page, but they do specify APA style. To impress your instructor and show that you did your homework, I would advise that you include a properly formatted APA title page.

    Next, you will need a title for the paper that grabs reader attention. DO NOT just repeat your topic sentence. One suggestion for a title might be this one: Keep Workers at Work: Paid Vacation Days, or perhaps this one: Work Better with Paid Vacation.

    Then, your thesis statement is also NOT your topic sentence. A thesis statement gives away your opinion on the topic, and hints to the readers ...

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