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The Future of Technology

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I've decided to write about the future of the telephone. How it's emerged within the past few decades.
My instructions are as followed:

Digital Futures

In this project, you will explore the future of digital technologies by choosing a specific technology that you're interested in (video games, the Internet, social media, etc.) and researching what the experts say is the future of your chosen technology. You'll also reflect upon the types of literacies that might be necessary in the future in order to critically read and engage the technology that you chose.

I need to present the results of the research in a 4-6-page, double-spaced paper.

This paper should be formatted in MLA style.
It should contain a minimum of three external sources that discuss the future of the medium that you selected.
The paper will have a clear thesis/focus.
The paper will be clearly written with well-organized paragraphs and proofread for spelling, grammar, and mechanical errors.

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The futures of technologies are discussed.

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As you know, I cannot actually do the paper, but I can give you lots of ideas and sources to get you going.
The good news is that there are mountains of solid material out there on this topic. What I will do is go source by source, and provide a basic analysis of the material, arguments and conclusions. The rest is up to you.

The first is from the journal "The Futurist"

The main development: the continued integration of the phone with all other aspects of technology: the computer, etc.
it is quite possible that the touch screen will be replaced, and the system can recognize hand gestures and/or voice commands.
Of course, screen resolution will continue to grow, providing sharper and sharper pictures.
Then there is the flexible screen - SONY is already working on this. This is a screen that can be adjusted to any shape or size, and could even be worn as a decoration.

The second is from CNN:

One development is the actual "physicalization" of the cell technology. Using spectacles and earrings for video and audio, there can be an entirely immersed world of technology. Calling this a "phone" is a bit of a stretch, but it does come out of the same technological stream.
The use of voice commands (in both directions) is considered to be "definite" in terms of future developments.
The nature of the "phone" can also incorporate our historical preferences as it filters data for us. Information overload is meant to be avoided by these small systems figuring out our preferences as we use the device, and organizing itself accordingly. Because the screens are so small, there must be a method of filtering the data - making it more accessible and relevant. After all, there is only so much a small screen can show us. Therefore, making this filtering system more and more responsive to our user history is essential.
CNN also makes the point that, if this is the trajectory of ...

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