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Bilingual Education is debated.

Imagine that you have the opportunity to work as a paraprofessional at one of the following school: ? Lakeview North Elementary School is a bilingual school where students are given instruction in their native language for most of the day, but immersed with other non-ELL students for selected periods (such as lunch, physic

Doctoral traits

How do you demonstrate a doctoral demeanor in your personal, professional, or community life? How do you envision your demeanor changing as a result of participating in the doctoral program?

The Purpose of Scholarly Writing

Discuss the following: What is the purpose of scholarly writing? What are the key components of scholarly writing and how do these components help in achieving the purpose.

Pros and cons of whistleblowing are identified.

PLEASE PROVIDE REFERENCES IF POSSIBLE. 1. While a genuine whistleblower in a company may be doing the morally and legally correct thing, it is important NOT to encourage whistle blowing to preserve the values of loyalty and discipline. After all who likes a snitch? Debate whether this statement is correct. What

Logos Pathos, and Ethos are exemplified.

The Three Appeals: Logos, Pathos, Ethos Identify in passages Read McCain and Obama's responses carefully and decide whether at each point the speaker is appealing to his audience primarily using logos, pathos, or ethos. Color-code examples of logos green, pathos yellow, and ethos black. may color different parts of a sent

Anjula Razdan's "What's Love Got to Do With It?"

Anjula Razdan's What's Love Got to Do With It? (found on Internet) What type of evidence does Razdan use to explore whether arranged marriages are more successful than relationships based on romantic attraction? is evidence relevant, credible and sufficient? Why or why not?

Wilbert Rideau's "Why Prisons Don't Work"

Wilbert Rideau's Why Prisons Don't Work (found on the Internet) According to Wilbert Rideau, why don't prisons work? What does he propose as solutions to problem of escalating crime? What other solutions can you think of?

Discuss unsupervised free time during the summer.

Look up Nancy Gibbs article called "Free the children" on the Internet. What are some of the benefits of allowing children unsupervised free time during the summer? Paragraphs 7 and 8, Gibbs uses recall to share specific experience involving one of her daughters. What is her point in using this anecdote? What does it cont

Help on Writing About an Ethical Issue

I need help on how to approach the following assignment: - Identify and clearly describe an ethical issue. - Articulate a code of ethics that you feel is appropriate to address the ethical issue. - Apply your code of ethics, along with concepts of leadership and integrity to arrive at your ultimate resolution to the ethical

Michael Jackson lyrics and African American literature

1) In considering some of the themes broached by Jackson, I am looking at how his treatment of these themes compares to that of any or all of the following with regard to the themes, concerns, issues they discuss in their novels: Frederick Douglass, "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave"; James Weldon

Michael Jackson's lyrics and themes of African American literature

1) I am looking for ideas as to three songs from Michael Jackson in which the lyrics fit in with, and contribute to, African American literature as a genre. (I was thinking of "Black or White" and maybe "We Are the World", but am not sure if they apply or if there are three others I might be missing). 2) I am looking to see w

Business communications

Write an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses regarding communication. In your analysis, consider your writing skills such as grammar, punctuation, syntax, wordiness, etc. Also, consider your abilities or weak areas in verbal communication such as formal presentations, speaking in meetings or class, or informal discussions.

Social networks and effect on society

Please help me with an example on this: Social networks and effect on society Write paragraph explaining your use of different prewriting strategies to plan your IP 1. Identify the specific prewriting strategies and how each contributed to the development of your thesis statement and supporting ideas. Post your ideas f

Kindred by Octavia Butler

1) Do you think it's better for minority groups to stay together to empower themselves, or for minorities to continue trying to be a part of the dominant culture? 2) Did anyone think Rufus would survive this novel? Was there a realistic way to end the novel with Rufus living? 3) Would the relationship between Rufus and Da

Rhetoric and Stereotype

I need to address the following points as they pertain to these groups of people: (1) Politicians, (2) Tattooed Persons, (3) Feminists, (4) Senior Citizens. Discuss the stereotypes associated with each of these groups. Provide an explanation of whether these groups invoke the same image to all persons, and if the st

Assessing Kindred by Octavia Butler

Please help answer the following questions. How would you explain the relationship between Dana and Rufus? How would you explain his ability to call her to him across time and space? Do you think it would have been possible for Dana to just not go, or return home sooner than she did each time she was called? Why or why not

Trouble With The Angels is briefly summarized.

"Trouble With The Angels" I. "God" is used in two ways in this story, to refer to God and to refer to the star of the production, the famous actor playing God in the show. What is the impact as you read of God being used this way? II. How does the description of the play change as the story progresses? III. Note the lang

Goodman Brown's journey

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. At the end of his journey, Goodman Brown is left a bitter, depressed man. He continues through his life in this dark demeanor, never allowing himself any joy or love again. Why is this so? What was the significance of Goodman's journey thr

Scientologist, Scandals and Scams

I need to summarize the video Epsiode #10: Stealing $$$ From Scientologists & The Art of Fraud from American greed by CNBC. The video talks about Reed Slatkin. I have to make analysis paper of this video so I need timeline and specific number of date and money. I also would like to know how he did Ponzi scheme, and other c

Office Relationship Interaction

1- Select one scene or relationship interaction and describe it carefully (Dwight and Micheal). You will want to say who the people are, a brief history of their relationship, and anything I need to know about the individuals so I will understand the nuances of the interaction. 2- Next, tell me about the interaction, you know

Rip Van Winkle Overview

Rip Van Winkle A Posthumous Writing of Diedrich Knickerbocker Please provide assistance with the following questions to create a literary analysis. What sort of man is Rip? What are his strengths? His weaknesses? What might be the "moral" of this American tall tale? What sort of comments regarding American life and the A