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    Comparison and contrast between Heaven and Hell

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    Choose only 1 from the following:

    1. Write a paper in which you contrast yourself with one of your closest friends. Be sure to state an overall contrast and to choose three or four bases of contrast. Use vivid details that will increase the appeal of your paper.
    2. Write a paper in which you compare two people you know-one fat, one thin or one tall and one short, for example.
    3. Write an essay in which you contrast heaven and hell based on your concept of the two.

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    Heaven and Hell are viewed in many ways, because of people's personal, religious and philosophical beliefs and ideas. I imagine Heaven and Hell to be places that are in contrast to each other. I envision Heaven as good place to be desired and Hell as a bad place to be despised.

    The environments of Hell and Heaven are starkly different. Hell is a dark, dreary place with fiery pits of high flames. In contrast, Heaven is a pleasant, beautiful, bountiful place. Everything in Hell is evil and satanic. On the other hand, everything in Heaven is Godly and righteous. In Hell, there are no flowers, adornments or pleasant sights or sounds. There are no places of rest and solitude. Conversely, Heaven has gardens filled with colorful flowers and trees that exude scents and fresh air. Heaven is illuminated with the glowing light of love and peace. The air is refreshing, comforting and sweet smelling. The trees are laden with fruit and the branches bend and ...

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