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    Views on Life and Reincarnation in Christianity and Hinduism

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    The Bible teaches that we have one life to live and then we face judgement. How big of a difference is this from the Hindu belief that we have many lives to live, i.e. our soul is reincarnated after our death? Is reincarnation a significant difference between Hinduism and Western religions?

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    The difference between the Biblical teaching concerning death and judgment and that of Hinduism is enormous. Hinduism teaches a long cycle of reincarnation, as the soul travels back towards God, its original source. This requires the soul to go through many lives in many different forms and shapes. One might be a human in one life, an ant in the next, a tree in the next, an elephant in the next, and so on. The body dies and corrupts, but the soul descends either to heaven or hell for a time, depending on its behavior, before returning to resume its next body, hopefully having ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts the beliefs outlined by Christian doctrine and Hinduism concerning death, judgement, and reincarnation.