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    The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

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    Pretend you are a journalist writing a story on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire ten years after the event.

    After reading about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and reading the primary sources on Cornell's site, write a story that covers the following questions:

    What was life like for shirtwaist workers in 1911 New York? What conditions led to the fire? How did the city and the world react to what happened? How was the event mourned and protested? What changes resulted from the fire?

    Please be sure to include quotes from the primary source documents. Also, be sure to comment on why this was such a significant event in American History. In your article, you might consider including discussions of immigration, industrialization, unionization and issues facing the early twentieth-century working class.

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    For your assignment, you need to write about the fire ten years after it happened, so you need to look backwards and report on any changes that may have occurred since. Writing about this should not be too difficult since you were provided an excellent source to use. I read through the source from Cornell, and everything you need to write the paper is here and easy to find under specific headings.

    To begin, you need a good lead into the story. An example of this is as follows:

    "It has been ten years since the tragic fire at the Triangle Shirt Factory which took the lives of 146 young immigrant workers and is one of the ...

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    Pretend you are a journalist writing a story on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire ten years after the event