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    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

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    I need some help regarding the The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

    - Briefly explain the accident in a couple of paragraphs in own words
    - When and where did the accident happen?
    - What was/were the cause(s) of accident?
    - How many people were killed/injured? Explain the extent of property damage.
    - Was/were any observation or measurements taken? If yes, explain briefly.

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    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire happened on March 25, 2911 in New York City and is considered the deadliest industrial disaster to ever happen in New York. As a result of the fire, he 146 workers from the factory died from fire, smoke inhalation, or from falling to their deaths while trying to escape the fire. Most of the people who died were immigrants ages sixteen to age twenty-three. ...

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    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire is examined.