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    Causes of Divorce

    Divorce: Americans for Divorce Reform estimates that "Probably, 40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce." What do you feel are the causes behind the high rate of divorce? What is the impact on society?

    Digital Immigrant Accent

    Can a "digital immigrant accent" be seen in such things as turning to the Internet for information second rather than first, or in reading a manual rather than assuming the program itself will teach us to use it? Are educators or students going to have to make the most changes?

    Blogging and Its Ramifications in Business

    McCuan, J. (2008, November). A cold call, a blog, and a $20 million lawsuit: A North Carolina entrepreneur blogs a warning to her industry?and gets sued for her troubles. Inc., 28-30. Can you help me write a response to this case, providing a clear analysis of critical issues involved in this case noting problem(s) with thei

    Listening to a speech

    What are some factors that inhibit listening? Rank these factors in order from "most likely to interfere" to "least likely to interfere." Outline your opinion of the actions necessary to active listening. Is it ethical to have a private agenda when preparing a speech? Discuss using examples to support your position.

    Listening Skills in Search Engines

    I have to use a search engine like http://www.google.com or http://www.dogpile.com to look up "listening skills." Can you help me describe any new information that people should consider about listening critically, by having visited sites from those search engines and highlighting some of the links you have found?

    Sex Education in Schools

    Sex Education in Schools: - Should sex education be taught in the school system in an attempt to curb problems such as teenage pregnancy and sexual promiscuity, or is it matter that should be left to the parents/guardians? - Some parents say they don't want their kids to be taught sex education in school because they wan

    Expressing Emotion

    - Have you ever been a victim of the grapevine? How did you handle the situation and what were the repercussions? - Are able to express your emotions freely or do you feel that there is a certain type of behavior that is expected of you? Can you describe a situation when you last expressed emotion?

    Discussing Childhood Obesity

    Preliminary research: In 550-700 words with 3 references two must be from the following sources Pro Quest database and the other must be a scholarly resource. Original only please Using the following paragraph help me to complete it by answering the following questions. 1. State your topic. My topic is Childhood obesity. Prov

    Graduate Learning Communities

    How do you think the graduate educational experience will be different from the undergraduate experience? How would you describe a graduate learning community? What would be the key components of a learning community and how might it be different from an undergraduate learning community?

    Impact of Schedule on Relationships

    Please help with the following problem involving the impact of schedule on relationships. While observing your own communication patterns, or of the people around, what impact does your schedule have on your relationships and what steps can you take to improve your relationships? Also, can you track and summarize how oft

    Age and Gender Gaps in Communication

    After watching the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oL6GTqvtYHM, can you answer the following? Why do you believe that it is important to understand the differences in the way we listen and interact? Have you experienced any memorable situations where age, gender or other gaps have impacted the communication process? Wha

    Personal Constructs

    How can the constructs a person uses affect the way you communicate with others? Also, how can people be encouraged to develop a rich and complex set of personal constructs?


    What is a different perspective on plagiarism, and how do the events of accusation sometimes unfold?

    Digital Immigrants in the Fray

    The conversation provided in this excerpt discusses how technology impacts the learning style of both students and teachers in face-to-face and online courses.

    Workplace Power Amongst Women and Men

    Does the average woman have more or less power than she did 20 years ago? Does the average man have more or less power than he did 20 years ago? Explain.

    Cultural Identifiers in the Workplace

    While observing your own communication patterns, or that of the people around you, what are personal examples that reflect the type of cultural identifiers you have used or have heard others use? What impact can these identifiers have in the workplace?

    Aggressiveness and Assertiveness in Conversation

    While observing your own communication patterns, or that of the people around you, can you name an example depicting whether you are more aggressive or more assertive in conversation? Describe how your approach impacted the situation.

    Importance of Nonverbal Communication

    Please click on the link below and scroll down until you come to "Categories of Nonverbal Communications": http://www.blatner.com/adam/level2/nverb1.htm Could you assist me with a summary of what you think is important in the categories of nonverbal communication?

    Communication Between Men & Women

    Communication Between Men & Women Watch this short video on the differences between men and women and communication: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGoC8FTLKSI Read this quote: "Yes, according to proponents of the "men and women are from different galaxies" school of thought, women are said to be self-effacing and apologet

    How should these sentences about the American food problem be altered or copied?

    A Discussion topic was about the problem "or perceived problem" with food that Americans appear to have. Now, let's turn to solutions. Recent efforts to reverse the national trend toward being overweight include combating childhood obesity, upgrading public school lunches, and sparking interest in "corporate fitness." Browse som

    Interpersonal Communication Amongst Men and Women

    Provide an example of the ways men and women differ in their listening behaviours (author DeVito outlines some good ones). What are some of strengths and weaknesses? What can you do to improve your listening skills?

    Interpersonal Communication within an Article

    I need help conducting an article review that pertains to interpersonal communication skills and it has to be related to some aspect of personal or professional communication. I need ideas in outlining an example article and addressing those topics, basically highlighting specific points from that article and how the information

    Success in English Class

    How can one ensure success in either a high school or college level course in English class, or any other class that has essay writing components?

    Managerial Communications

    Describe the framework of communication. Discuss why problems in communication may occur. Give specific examples/reference reading.

    Relationship Rules Theory

    Use the relationship rules theory to analyze a relationship you have or have had. What does the theory explain about that relationship? What does it leave unexplained?

    How to Overcome Fear In Public Speaking

    Does anyone have any neat strategies they use to overcome fear, which is the most common problem in public speaking? What about tips for organization in speech making? Also, what types of skills are involved in "oral presentation" and how does it relate to writing and the writing process?

    Biases in the Research Process

    As you are researching, you are most likely to run into documents that might sway both ways. You are more likely to use information that supports your thesis and maybe not use the others that don't. 1. When you do this, is it considered bias on your part as a writer and therefore discounts everything else in your paper? 2.